The Crew

Garry, is the owner of Gribble House Paranormal Experience. Having worked in the building when it was occupied by Old Town Trolley, Garry discovered much of the dark history of the property while researching the triple ax murder at the Live Oak Library on Bull Street in Savannah. Spending hours going through old newspaper reports from 1909 in the basement of the library, he and the team were able to piece together much of the history of the Old Trolley Barn and the site of the former Gribble House. Armed with the history he began to host investigations in the building to determine the amount of activity that was present. It didn’t take long for both him and his team to realize that the property was quite unique and incredibly active. Before the first public investigation in October 2012, Garry and his team had conducted close to 50 private investigations at the site. These days Garry rarely has time to investigate. However, on the rare occasion he does, he will share some of his chilling personal experiences in the building with guests…

Kelley is our most senior investigator with hundreds of investigations under her belt. Her enthusiasm for each investigation and her meticulous methods of collecting evidence make her the perfect lead investigator. She has always been very passionate about the paranormal. From a young age, she had many paranormal experiences and would spend her time researching different types of spirituality and spooks. The opportunity to hook up with the Gribble House team was like a dream come true for her.

Ted is a seasoned investigator who has investigated many of Savannah’s famous haunts, including Moon River Brewing, and was interested in the Gribble House due to its haunted reputation. He has extensive knowledge of the equipment that is used during the investigation and enjoys experimenting with new tools and techniques. He hopes to expand his paranormal knowledge by working with the various people and spirits at Gribble.

Kaitlyn joined us in 2016 and quickly became one of our most popular investigators. Having had an encounter as a child with a spirit standing in a doorway beckoning to her in her grandmother’s house. She was shocked to hear that her mother had experienced the same spirit when she was a child. This was a pivotal moment in Kaitlyn’s journey to the paranormal and was not the last encounter with a spirit. Her ability to connect with both the guests and their level of experience helps deliver a wonderful experience for novices and experts alike.

Willie has returned from working in DC and has rejoined the crew at Gribble House. Having been one of the founding members of The Gribble House Crew, Willie brings a load of personal experience to each investigation. His intimate knowledge of the building’s “hot spots” guarantees each investigator will have a great chance to experience the paranormal activity first hand.